From the very beginning our company “Mecanitzats Utillatges I Motlles SL” placed emphasis on its commitment to offer our clients the very best services through expertise and the know-how.

With our vast experience in the sector and in the hands of our engineering expert combined with the most advanced technologies, allows us to transform our client’s idea into the finished product from:  developing the design of the piece, engineering drawings, 3D geometry as well as prototypes, and ending with the construction of the mold.

“Mecanitzats Utillatges I Motlles SL” offers the following services:
• The design and construction of plastic injection molds and other types
• Preventive Maintenance and repair of molds, including  study
• Preventive maintenance and repair of Stack molds or Sándwich molds
• Small repair operations in the customer’s factory
• Preventive Maintenance and radiography of the mold.
• Modification and repair of molds.
• Precision machining parts
• Tooling
• Calibration of parts
• Matrix dies
• Manifolds

Additionally, our other company “Plàstics Andreu-Injectats SL”, may carry out the completion of the project, with the production of plastic parts and, if necessary, with any small assembly or special packaging.