“Mecanitzats Utillatges I Motlles SL”. Is a company that manufactures all kinds of thermoplastic injection molds, tooling, precision machining parts and dies. Founded in 1999 and with more than 25 years of experience in the sector enables us to obtain the necessary knowledge and workmanship to produce any kind of molds, ranging from: injection molds, our specialty, compression molds, blow molds, and aluminum injection mold.

Year by year our company has been growing steadily in workforce as well as acquiring the latest technologies.

Situated in La Riera de Gaia town, Tarragona, Spain with a workshop of more than 800m2 which permit to hold a significant numbers of machineries in order to efficiently reduce downtime delivery with a workmanship that meet the needs of our customers and with personalized service.

At present our activity is highly diversified. Our markets span the spectrum from medical, to renewable energies, agricultural, automotive, electricity, construction.

Our market is currently expanding offering our products in the domestic market but also exporting our products to countries such as: France, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Mexico, Tunisia, etc.

If you do not have injection machines, our other company “Plàstics Andreu-Injectats SL” may carry out the completion of a project initiated by “Mecanitzats Utillatges I Motlles SL”, in the mass production of plastic parts, including small assembling of parts if it is necessary.

Through the close relationship between “Mecanitzats Utillatges I Motlles SL” and “Plàstics Andreu-Injectats SL”, we can offer our clients certain advantages like reduction of mold repair cost, modification cost and transportation cost. Due to our specialized staff in plastic injection and in mold design and operation, allows us to offer our client higher quality parts. It also enables us to significantly reduce reaction time when problems arise in production as well as minor lead time to resume the production of parts if an incident occurs during the process.