An idea is the starting point of a project and many of the projects to make a plastic part, can be developed completely by “Mecanizats Utillatges i Motlles SL” and “Plàstics Andreu-Injectats, SL”. Below we will illustrate some examples of projects we developed.

Breakdown of the project:

1. Idea and presentation of the project
2. Analysis, study of the possible part and of the plastic material according to the technical requirements of the part.
3. Analysis and study of the mold according to foreseen production
4. Budget of the mold and of the plastic part
5. Manufacture of a sample prototype by laser sintering
6. Design 2D or 3D of the mold and of the part
7. Manufacture of the Mold
8. Cross-check of the correct operation of the mold and manufacture of the first samples
9. Homologation of the part
10. Delivery of the mold

IF THE CLIENT WISHES “Plàstics Andreu-Injectats, S.L” may
11. Mass production of parts
12. Cross-checking the production process according to the standard ISO 9001:2008
13. Assembly or storage of the manufactured product
14. Storage service
15. Delivery of the final product
16. Mold Maintenance during its service life