“Plàstics Andreu-Injectats SL”, offer our customers the experience and know-how that distinguish our company since the very beginning.

We can manufacture any parts with very different types of colors and materials such as: PA, PP with fiberglass, PC, ABS, PE LD, with a wide range of volumes of production, adapting to the needs of customers and their required costs. The maximum weight of work piece is aprox. 1.600 g. We also have a large warehouse of 500m2

Together with our company “Mecanizats Utillatges i Motlles SL” we offer the entire production cycle: from the design of the part and mold with their prototypes, the manufacture of the mold and finally the mass production of the plastic parts including possible third operations such as small assemblies. As well as support in repairs and maintenance of the molds that may occur.

“Plàstics Andreu-Injectats, SL”, offers a quality service since its foundation. We are constantly striving to improve our service. We are currently implementing the ISO 9001 quality system, and we commit ourselves to offer our clients the highest level of quality and continuous improvement, taking the commitment to maintain a Quality Management System to continuously improve the effectiveness of the production of the company.